The IIHS's front-crash tests are a problem. Well, they're a good kind of problem. The kind that deserves to be overcome -- but a big sore spot for many automakers.

For years, vehicle crash tests were exactly what you probably picture -- a car driving head-long into a solid wall with a crash-test dummy inside. Just think about how often a crash happens like that in life, and you'll see why the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety started to do things differently.

In a real head-on collision, typically one car drifts over the yellow center line by a few feet, and only part of the bumpers overlap each other. This puts new kinds of strain on a vehicle with a crumple-zone designed for a direct hit.

This year, the 2017 Ford Fusion sedan overcame the IIHS's dreaded small-overlap test with a perfect score, as did the 2016 F-150 (the only pickup to do so). Both earned a coveted Top Safety Pick award, designating them as vehicles of choice for those who want to improve their chances of surviving an accident with minimal injury.

Come test drive them today at John Kennedy Ford Jenkintown.

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