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This past June, over 1,000 adventurous gamers signed up for a special edition of Escape the Room NYC. It would be the largest Escape the Room game ever, and the first one that was drivable, featuring the new Ford Escape.

"Ford asked if I'd be up for integrating the new Escape into an Escape the Room game, and the end result is unlike anything I've created before," said Victor Blake, owner and chief puzzle-designer at Escape the Room NYC. "The SUV is packed with tons of advanced technology, and it was an entertaining exercise to integrate things like ultrasonic parking sensors into the puzzles and clues that are iconic to the game."

The special game, which ran from June 23-26 in Manhattan, was almost like a theme park ride. The enormous 35,000-square-foot venue was more than your average "room," and featured several art installations and scenes, including a fake beach with real sand and boardwalk. Players would have to rely on the technology in the Ford Escape in order to solve a series of puzzles that would lead them to the key, and the exit.

While those who signed up for the game would call it an experiential adventure, Ford calls it "a unique spin on the traditional test drive." We wonder how many of the players went on to buy a new Ford crossover SUV, or tell their friends about it? Well played, Ford.

We hope you'll join us at John Kennedy Ford Jenkintown to test out a new Escape for yourself, or compare the other models available in our new inventory.

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