At John Kennedy Ford Jenkintown, we find that drivers prefer vehicles with quieter cabins. Noise levels during a test drive are often the deciding factor when people are torn between two models.

To stay ahead of the game and improve cabin quietness, Ford came up with a world-first solution: portable wind tunnels.

Portable, of course, is a relative quality. You couldn't throw this thing in the bed of your F-150. The mobile aeroacoustic tunnel is built inside two 53-foot shipping containers, and uses so much power, the cables alone weigh over 1,000 pounds.

Still, this is a major improvement to portability compared to Ford's full-sized aerodynamics laboratories, which are the size of an office building and cost $50 million. Heavy though they may be, the shipping container-based wind tunnels can be transported to assembly plants across the country, and set up within hours.

With the wind tunnels able to pop up at any assembly plant, new vehicles can be pulled fresh off the production line for aeroacoustic testing. No more shipping vehicles across the country, and waiting weeks for the results. This means more tests, faster innovation, and ultimately, a more refined and silent ride.

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