Jose Cuervo® is teaming up with Ford to improve the sustainability plans for both companies. As the world's biggest tequila distributor, Jose Cuervo grows and presses millions of agave plants every year. What is left over from the pressing process is a large amount of agave fiber.

Rather than letting this resource go to waste, Ford is taking it and researching new ways to turn agave fiber into bioplastics and composites for car parts. The cup holders and storage bins on your next new Ford might be made with agave.

"At Ford, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment," said Debbie Mielewski, senior technical leader of Ford's materials sustainability research. "As a leader in the sustainability space, we are developing new technologies to efficiently employ discarded materials and fibers, while potentially reducing the use of petrochemicals and light-weighting our vehicles for desired fuel economy."

Visit John Kennedy Ford Jenkintown to learn more about Ford's eco-friendly materials and carbon-reducing strategies.

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